Fun in the Sun

Fun has taken on new meaning for me. Let me elaborate. When I thought traveling would be fun, I was not expecting this kind of fun. We are more and more prone to relaxing with company over a good meal or sitting in a hammock watching the beach. One excursion per day seems to be … More Fun in the Sun

Eat Your Heart Out

Chiang Mai is nicknamed the gem of Thailand, and rightly so. If Bangkok didn’t steal your heart, Chiang Mai will. Set in the jungle of northern Thailand, this small city has everything Bangkok has without the hustle and bustle feel of the city. The tourist attractions are more, for lack of a better word, honest. … More Eat Your Heart Out

Growing Is Fun

We’ve learned to give ourselves a day or two of complete rest when arriving at a new city. We were moving from place to place so fast that we never had time to recover from the place we had just been. No time to process and start fresh in a new city. It was a … More Growing Is Fun

Waterlogged Heaven

Venice stole my heart the second we reached the main Island. Even as we were trying to figure out which “water bus” to take, I couldn’t stop staring. I knew I would enjoy the city but I had no idea I would never want to leave. Growing up with boats and water being a big … More Waterlogged Heaven


“You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep.”-Fireflies by Owl City   I’ve hit a few moments so far that make me feel as if I’m dreaming. Moments that spin into instant focus. Moments that stop me in my tracks. Moments where I stare in … More Fireflies