Here to Learn

Where this is normally the page on which I tell you about myself or what this blog is about, I’m here to say, I’m hoping you will learn with me.

I can of course make minor points. I try to be an artist, with a preferred medium of graphite. I enjoy hiking, especially around water. I enjoy reading, preferably science fiction and preferably for hours. I have a love/hate relationship with baking because, well I love it, but I hate failing. My husband is my best friend. Little tidbits that will always be parts contributing to the whole of me. The whole is the part I’m hoping to grow.

The growth will hopefully come from a new lifestyle. One that involves simplifying and living in the moment. We have decided to take some terrible outcomes of 2016 and turn them into a traveling opportunity. But more than that, an opportunity to grow and learn. The most exciting parts will most likely be about the traveling. However, I want to explore myself as well and I hope the blog will turn into more than a list of places I’ve been things I’ve done. I want to connect with people and with nature. I want to learn by doing.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” -Albert Einstein