Anyone Hungry?

Hong Kong was one of those places where we were told to only spend one or two days there. Other travelers recommended it as either a pit stop or a place to live long term. There is no in-between.

Hong Kong is a non-stop city, like new York, but cleaner. Much cleaner. There’s plenty to do and see if you have the money to spend. We were lucky enough to meet up with a friend who has family living in Hong Kong. He explained the the shopping experience is not what it used to be because prices have risen quite rapidly. We weren’t interested in shopping anyway. So he took us to different parts of the island to walk and eat instead.

We learned you can get a good deal on subway travel by getting the tourist card that gives you unlimited rides for three days plus to and from the airport. This made it very easy to see the different parts of the city. You can get a very good idea about how Hong Kong has grown with parts of the city populated mostly by the old apartment towers and others populated by sky rocketing modern feats of architecture.

To add to the city development, the islands all have their own type of landscape. My favorite was the Soho area while it reminded me of San Fransisco. But it was cooler because they designed escalators that take you up the hills.

The food is the highlight of Hong Kong. We had dim sum, ramen, egg custard tarts, chocolate, tea. And those were just the ones at the top of our list. There is so much food to be had and at a good price.

Hong Kong was quite pricy which is another good reason to make it a short trip. Our hostel was one of the most rundown we have ever stayed in because we weren’t willing to pay for anything else. It served as a place to sleep and luckily that’s all we needed since we only stayed two nights. Hong Kong was amazing but I won’t be going out of my way to visit again. One short trip was wonderful and I would rather leave it at that!


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