Home Is Where…

We never intended to stay in one place for this long. But we keep coming back to Thailand. By the time we head for Hong Kong we will have spent a total of almost two months total in Thailand.

I’ve become so comfortable in Bangkok. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite place in Thailand, but we have a neighborhood that has grown familiar. We know exactly where to go for food, pharmacy needs and the nearby public transportation makes anything else easily accessible. Things like crossing the street between rushing drivers, knowing what to barter for and how much it should cost, and taking the “sky train” anywhere is no longer stressful. I do them without even thinking.

The more comfortable I become the more my habits from home come back. I’m reading a lot more, watching movies and shows with friends, and generally hanging out more.

We’ve learned the habits of the street stalls near our neighborhood. We know when they close, who sets up where and what changes on the weekends. Our only concern seems to be air-conditioning.

These comforts and feelings make me miss home more, but I’m glad to be somewhere I’m not feeling the stress of traveling 24/7. We’re on our way to Hong Kong in about five days and I’m almost sad to leave Thailand behind. We’ve met some amazing people here and I’ve learned a lot from these new relationships. I’m nervous to be traveling again but excited for new things. This whole trip has been a slew of mixed emotions. I suppose that’s to be expected, but I’m glad we had to cut our trip short. I’m glad to go home.



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