Everything you didn’t know you wanted, in one tidy little package!

We were definitely excited about Singapore. Regardless of being told 8 days is too long in the small country, we were ready see all that Singapore has to offer. Let me start by saying, it has a lot.

Singapore is populated by so many coultures living in happy harmony together that it makes me feel the US has missed a memo. Every corner you turn there’s something or someone celebrating they’re unique culture. Don’tget me wrong, I’m as patriotic as the next girl, but to even feel welcomed and at home durring our 4th of July was a surprise to me. The party and drunken debauchery was a surprise as well, but that’s a story for my close friends. 

The coultures come with great food anywhere you look. Be warned, if you want something other than street food it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg and maybe your first born, but for most the street food is enough. Just don’t plan on going out for drinks unless you have a crazy american to sponser you.

Did I mention how clean this city…country…state….is. It’s so clean, it’s illegal to chew gum. Straight up, you will get fined. I have to say, this was refreshing after Thailand where they won’t even keep the streets in good condition. You could spend all the time you want exploring and never see a speck of trash. Maybe a monkey, but no strash.

Singapore was as efficient as it was immaculate. The airport’s security was so fast I hadn’t realized it was over until I was standing at my gate. The service for anything was presented with the same efficiency. Whether you were sitting down to dinner or grocery shopping, the place would be organized to perfection and you wouldn’t realize you’ve paid until you were out the door. The monuments and tourist attractions are kept in the same condition with the idea of learning and experiencing and taking your time as the focus. 

And explore all you want cause it’s the safest place I’ve been yet. Feel free to walk at night or through any part of town. Flogging is still a valid form of punishment in this city, and no one wants to be flogged, so your safe! All of the attractions we visited were free, except of course Universal Studios. And at night there’s multiple free light light shows. Gardens, beaches, tree canopy walks and malls await!

Ive heard a lot of travelers say most cities are the same, what with the big buildings, crowded streets and crazy people, all good and bad. But Singapore has all of the positives of a city with out most of the bad (which is the cost of food). Singapore blew my mind with architecture, culture and it’s love for the environment. The city definitely sets itself apart from the rest, and it wants you to visit.


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