Oh, Mylanta

There are few people that have negative things to say about Koh Lanta, a smaller island off the SW coast of Thailand. This is because it’s like no other part of Thailand. Covered completely by Forrest jungle and bordered by beaches, this island is surrounded by beautiful views. 

We arrived durring the rainy season and still enjoyed ourselves imensely. A scooter was the best way to get around. It was cheap and took maybe two hours to get from one end of the island to the other while stopping to take in the scenery. You could even buy your gas out of reused glass bottles if you want.

Because of our timing, the island was running at a slower pace and we were able to get away from the crouds of tourists. There wasn’t a single beach we went to where we didn’t have your own space. Even at the top of the island where the more popular swimming beaches are it was like having your own slice of heaven. If you didn’t want to sit on the sand you could lounge at one of the many open air restaurants under a bamboo awning and sip one of the hundreds of coctails on their menu. Many of the restaurants boasted American foods like “spaketti” and “sand wiches.” We stuck mostly to curry and fried rice because when in Rome right? If they were out or “finished” with something we wanted it was easy to walk across the street and find it there instead. And don’t let those menus fool you thinking they have Pepsi, it’s all Coke all the time. 

Beaches and food are not the only thing the island has to offer. It gets better with kayaking, snorkeling, scooba diving and cave exploring. Look around and you just might find your screen saver. We got rained out a few times but that didn’t stop us from exploring both sides of the island on our trusty scooter. They are both very different with one side being mostly beach relaxing and eating, and the other for adventuring and culture. The east side has “Old Town” (which looks like the Thai version of our wild wild west) and Mangrove forrests covered in monkeys. 

This island returned my faith in Thailand after Phuket dashed it to smithereens. We could scooter this island north, south, east, and west and still find something new. 


2 thoughts on “Oh, Mylanta

  1. VERY Nice!
    Sounds and looks beautiful. Loved the pictures, especially the last artistic one. David said he wasn’t going to make the pineapple dish for me 🙁 but it looks delicious.


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